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Welcome to Banda Unnayan Foundation

With economic liberalization from last three decades India is moving into a knowledge economy. With 50% of country’s population below 25 years of age and birth rate on other developed countries slowing down, India offers an opportunity to become the Human Capital of the world. However, it is imperative that our bright but not so economically fortunate young minds become part of this growth journey.

A few of us who grew up in Banda, are fortunate enough to have become economically self sustained and we now want to give back to this generation. Our goal is to make our bright young minds have a successful career so that they are not to be left out from India’s growth story due to financial hardship.

Teenage years are years of building on knowledge and skills to prepare for a higher-level course of study, of goal setting and aspirations and identifying career paths. It is a vulnerable and precarious age and in the absence of any support for children in the communities, it is an age when many drop out to support the family income or simply stay at home due to the inability of parents to support them for further education.

Through this scholarship program we want to extend financial supports to the bright & diligent young minds who are not so fortunate financially. We further look to evolve this program to look into exploring sessions on career counseling to understand one’s strengths and challenges in order to guide them in choosing an appropriate course of study. In this regard we would be looking to create mentorship program connecting these students with the successful alumni from Banda.